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Taxe Poids Lourd in France

25 August 2014

Taxe Poids Lourd is a tax which is applied to all trucks of more than 3.5 T, no matter what the nationality of the truck is. The goal of this tax is based on the principle: user, payer. The truck which uses a road in France must contribute to its maintenance.

4000 km of national and local roads will be affected by this tax.

The average cost of this tax is 0.13 € per km, depending also on the Euro class of each truck.

The cost will be calculated via the registration of data by a GPS device in the truck, connected to a national network of gateways. The system is managed by a private company (Ecomouv), which will collect this tax on behalf of the French state.

Calendar of the application of this new tax as fixed by the French Government:

July 2014: determination of the road network affected by this tax and the rates;

End of July 2014: vote of the law;

Decision on the simplification of the data to be registered: end of August 2014;

Tests without taxation: from 1.10.2014 until 30.11.2014;

Publication of decrees: beginning of November 2014;

Beginning of the taxation: 1.01.2015;
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